The church audio/visual/communications committee shall:

  1. Provide a sound person to operate the mixing board and communications options (i.e., Zoom or other) during church services.
  2. Setup and run audio/visual/communications components of church business and special membership meetings.
  3. Review audio/visual/communications needs for special use events authorized by the board and in co-operation with the Event Committee.


The Care Committee shall:

  1. Provide information on available care services.
  2. Cherish, in a practical way, members of the congregation in need of help.
  3. Spend up to $100 per need without prior Board approval.
  4. Keep confidentiality uppermost in thought. In most cases only the members of the Care Committee, chair of the Board and the Clerk should be kept abreast of the status of members in need; otherwise, information relating to Care Committee work should be disclosed only on a “need to know basis.”


The Childcare Committee shall maintain a loving and safe environment for children too young for Sunday School, Wednesday evening testimony meeting, and other church activities with a minimum of 2 to 3 attendants.


The community engagement committee shall:

  1. Support activities of our church that embrace the community and the world, such as those of the reading room, the Sunday school, and the lecture committee.
  2. Respond to our church community’s needs and the St. Louis area community’s needs. For each activity, look for opportunities to inwardly nurture our church members while outwardly embracing our community.
  3. Plan activities or opportunities for the membership to get to know each other better.
  4. Plan activities that encourage our church members to open their thoughts to the community, such as supporting booths and displays relating to Christian Science at public events in the greater St. Louis area.
  5. Distribute Christian Science literature to local businesses.
  6. Support local interfaith activities and in other ways demonstrate neighborliness within the community on behalf of our church.
  7. Partner with community organizations to develop understanding and trust – creating opportunities for members to live “Church” (S&H page 583).
  8. Encourage members to write for and communicate with local media and social media on current issues from a Christian Science perspective, in cooperation with the committee on publication.


The Event committee shall:

  1. Work with those individuals interested in holding an event at our church (wedding, celebration of life, or other).
  2. Require an application be completed by the individuals interested in holding an event at our church to determine their needs.
  3. Submit an application to the Clerk/Board of the request for the use of our church.
  4. Work with the applicant and ensure that the church’s Audio/Visual/Communications Committee is able and available to accommodate their needs.
  5. Coordinate access to the church as necessary and provide any other items needed–namely, tables and chairs.


The Finance committee shall:

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  5. This is placeholder text


The flower committee shall:

  1. Design and provide flower arrangements for the church edifice and seasonally outside the main entryway of the church.
  2. Be responsible for the maintenance and application of Christmas decorations.
  3. Is authorized to spend up to $50 each month on flowers or related materials for flower arrangements without prior board approval.


House and Grounds Committee shall:

  1. Be responsible for the care and maintenance of all church-owned property and Reading Room premises, including oversight of utilities and custodial services.
  2. Be permitted to expend an amount not to exceed $250 per month for supplies.
  3. Make recommendations for Board approval for ongoing contracted services, including but not limited to custodian, lawn mowing, salt and snow removal.
  4. Be permitted to expend an amount not to exceed $500 for contractors conducting maintenance not included in the ongoing services covered in ‘3’ above.
  5. In an emergency situation only, if a majority of board members cannot be polled in a reasonable amount of time, the committee may spend up to $1,000 for repairs with the joint concurrence of the board contact and the board chair or the vice chair.


The Lecture committee shall:

  1. Prayerfully support our community and listen for opportunities to respond to community issues or needs.
  2. Be responsible for all matters pertaining to lectures set forth in Article XXXII of the Manual of The Mother Church, including specific metaphysical support.
  3. Take charge of sponsoring our church’s lecture(s) in coordinating all details and fulfilling all related requirements.
  4. Submit tentative dates, formats, and locations of recommended lectures, chosen lecturer(s), introducer, and projected budget to the board for approval.
  5. Call upon other church committees for assistance in order to fulfill all physical requirements in putting on a lecture.
  6. Hold a minimum of one or more lectures per year (July 1st to June 30th) subject to Board approval.


The Literature Distribution Committee shall share donated Christian Science periodicals and books with our community, drop off literature at various locations around the community, and seek out relationships with new venues where we could place literature.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – new member interview process

From the Church Standing Rules Addendum under Committees:

Membership Committee

The membership committee shall:

  1. Interview all applicants for membership. The chair or vice chair of the committee, at least one other committee member, and a member of the board of trustees shall be present for all interviews. (See Article I, Section 2C.)
  2. Submit to the board of trustees, each January, a list of suggested guidelines to be used when interviewing an applicant.
  3. Oversee sign-in at membership meetings to assure a quorum and encourage members to attend meetings as needed.
  4. Keep the contents of the membership application updated and in line with our bylaws and standing rules. Any changes shall be submitted to the board for approval.
  5. Follow up with the new member to be sure they have signed the register.
  6. Introduce the new members to the congregation as soon as possible. (See Article IV, Section IV 7C)
  7. Follow up with the new members to make sure they have had the opportunity to participate on committees of their interest and feel involved in our church. (See Article IV, Section 7D)


The Metaphysical Committee prayerfully supports church services and activities. Members of the committee volunteer to be Prayer Watchers for every Sunday service and Wednesday testimony meeting.  Additionally, the Metaphysical committee prayerfully supports lectures sponsored by our church and any other requests from the Board of Trustees for general and specific treatments.


The Music committee shall:

  1. Support the music and musicians in our church both metaphysically and practically.
  2. Oversee the selection of each Sunday’s solo music.
  3. Oversee maintenance of the church pianos and organ.
  4. Recommend the salaries and paid vacations of the organist/pianist, soloist, and their substitutes to the finance committee by March 1st each year before forwarding to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  5. Recommend to the board each year a plan (three months before each musician’s contract is up for renewal) for next year’s contract as well as any changes in the musicians to be put under contract.
  6. Have a budget of up to $500 per year for miscellaneous expenses, not to include regular musicians’ fees or instrument maintenance.


The reading room staff shall:

  1. Be composed of a librarian (appointed by the board of trustees), an assistant librarian(s) and such other volunteer workers as may be needed to meet the needs of the reading room.
  2. Prayerfully support the implementation of our Leader’s purpose for reading rooms as stated in the Manual of The Mother Church, Article XXI, Article XXV, Sections 7 and 8.
  3. Ensure that only the Bible; the writings of Mary Baker Eddy; and literature, books, audio and visual recordings, and other media published or approved by the Christian Science Publishing Society be accessible and sold in the reading room.
  4. Ensure computer/internet usage is limited to activities and searches appropriate for conducting reading room business.
  5. Provide regular communications to the membership about the activities and offerings of the reading room through mailings, newsletter articles, desk announcements, oral reports, etc., that have been approved by the board of trustees.
  6. Recommend reading room hours for board approval. The reading room shall be closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  And any surrounding days before or after as deemed appropriate by the Librarian.
  7. Seek out and support community activities such as festivals, trade shows and conferences that are in line with the spirit of Reading Room activities, by coordinating/manning a booth and the distribution of Christian Science literature either through sales or handouts as appropriate.
  8. Coordinate with the house and grounds committee regarding custodial services and repairs, except in emergencies.
  9. Be allowed to spend up to $50 for emergency expenditures without prior board approval.

The librarian shall ensure that:

  1. Monies are deposited in a bank designated by the board.
  2. A monthly financial report is presented to the treasurer to be incorporated into the treasurer’s monthly report to the board.
  3. Reports (financial and fruitage) are prepared and submitted to the board for approval prior to presentation at membership meetings.
  4. The sales inventory is maintained and an annual inventory report is submitted to the board by February 1st.
  5. Appropriate reading room records are made available to the audit committee for the annual financial audit.
  6. All staff members are properly trained and updated as changes in personnel, procedures, or inventory occur.


The Sunday school committee shall include the superintendent as chair, each assistant superintendent, and additional church members appointed by the board. The committee shall:

  1. Be responsible for all matters pertaining to the Sunday school set forth in Article XX of the Manual of The Mother Church.
  2. Appoint board approved members to serve as Sunday School teachers and substitutes. When new members join the church, the board shall send the names of the approved new member(s) wishing to teach full-time or substitute in the Sunday school to the superintendent in a timely basis.
  3. Organize classes for the start of each school year. New classes to start in mid-August (exact date to be determined by the superintendent).
  4. Sponsor all meetings of Sunday school teachers.
  5. Be allowed to spend $25 monthly without prior board approval.
  6. Implement the following (board approval not needed for the following purchases):
    a. Present the Manual of The Mother Church to enrolled students when they reach the age of 12 years.
    b. Present a words-only hymnal to all high school seniors in May, just prior to graduation.
    c. Present each graduating student, with a gift from the reading room. For example, Prose Works by Mary Baker Eddy, a biography of Mrs. Eddy, a CD, etc.

(Superintendent to ensure cost of the item is reasonable.)

7. Encourage teachers of seniors to share TMC Christian Science Organization website information with their students.


  1. The teller committee shall count the collection after each Sunday service.
  2. Two unrelated members of the committee will count the collection.
  3. The deposit tally sheet will be initialed by those counting, once complete.  The treasurer shall retain a copy of the deposit slip for future reference during audits.
  4. The head teller shall deposit the Sunday collection in the bank.  In the head teller’s absence, an officer of the church (except the treasurer), a member of the committee, or the clerk of the church shall make the deposit.


  1. The committee chair is responsible for training and scheduling ushers and head ushers from the membership.
  2. The head usher will hold a meeting of the ushers prior to the Wednesday and Sunday services.
  3. The head usher will control the cooling, heating, and lighting.
  4. The head usher will ensure that the physical aspects of the platform and auditorium are in proper order for each Wednesday meeting or Sunday service.
  5. The ushers will greet and welcome everyone as they enter the church.
  6. The ushers will pass out and collect the Bible Lesson Quarterlies at each Sunday service.
  7. The ushers will handle the collection process at each Sunday service.
  8. The head usher will properly close and secure the church after each Wednesday and Sunday service.


The Committee is responsible for preparing and supporting the virtual or hybrid aspects of church meetings.

For Quarterly Membership Meetings, the committee will
1. Set up the Zoom call
2. Ensure that members joining remotely are able to fully participate in the meeting (hear, share and vote)

For Election Meetings, the committee will
1. Partner with the AV committee to make sure all members are present virtually
2. Partner with the clerk to have all ballots and eligibility lists available to members
3. Have two members act as tellers during the meeting
4. Prior to each annual meeting, reassess to be sure that the membership is using the most effective software

The committee has authority to spend up to $500 annually on electronic voting software. Anything additional must be approved by the board or the membership.


The website committee shall:

1. Be the point of contact for updates, billing, and maintenance of this church’s website.
2. Respond promptly to all website change requests and facilitate through designated website designer/host or website committee members.
3. The website committee chair shall ensure all invoices for hosting, widget registration, security, and website edits are submitted promptly to the Treasurer.
4. The website committee has authority to spend up to $2000 per year for any website structural/design changes without Board approval.
5. Committee chairs may request updates to this church’s website in areas of relevance to their committee.
6. The website committee will not write content or provide photos for these committee pages beyond what is currently provided; committees must provide their own copy and photos.
7. Submitted copy needs to be brief and clear, and submitted photos need to be as large a file size as possible. If it is simply a copy or photo update, the new content will be posted within a week; if the committee’s request entails structural or design changes (such as a lecture announcement and a livestream video page), the new content will be posted after all necessary collaboration, approvals, and edit time have taken place.


The Youth Committee shall:

  1. Support a space — through dedicated prayer and meaningful activity — where youth of all ages, needs, and backgrounds feel welcome.
  2. Plan and implement meaningful annual activities that have been approved by the board, i.e., the church picnic. The committee shall include any Sunday school students who would like to participate in the planning and implementing.
  3. Partner with other church committees to encourage Sunday School students and church members to work together for the good of the church.